All petitions before the Commission shall be send to the Registrar, Kerala State Human Rights Commission, Turbo plus Tower ,PMG Junction, Thiruvananthapuram-33


Shri. P.Mohana Das

Hon'ble Member & Acting Chairperson


Shri. K.Mohan Kumar

Hon'ble Member


Shri. M.H. Muhamed Raffi 



Chief Investigation Officer



Current News & Events

Camp Sitting of Hon'ble Acting Chairperson Shri. P.Mohana Das for the month of September- 2017 Scheduled

Camp Sitting of Hon'ble Member Shri. K.Mohan Kumar for the month of September- 2017 Scheduled


Welcome to Kerala State Human Right Commission

The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 was enacted with the object of providing for better protecting of human rights.

Human rights means the right relating to life, liberty, equality and  dignity of individual guaranteed  by the Constitution or embodied in the international covenants  and enforceable by courts in India.  

The Headquarters of the Commission is at PMG junction in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Commission can initiate action either on a petition or suo motu.

Complaint can be filed either in English or Malayalam or in any other languages in the Eighth  Schedule to the constitution of India.

No separate form prescribed for filing a complaint /petition.

Presence of an advocate is not requested in proceedings of the Commission.

In public interest issues anybody can lodge a complaint.

In Different districts taking into consideration.

The Commission holds camp sittings at District Head Quarters and at such other places in the State taking into considerations the exigencies of individual cases and in the interest of general public.

Every complaint shall disclose a complete picture of the matter complaint of and disclose the name and complete address of the petitioner/respondent.

Sufficient number of copies of petition (based  on the number of respondents) shall be placed along with the petition.